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Governor Reynolds announces Future Ready Iowa Funding - 6-3-2019

Marketing Materials

Promotional Toolkit

Future Ready Iowa Talking Points, updated January 2019

Work-based Learning Clearinghouse Fact Sheet, basic information on the Work-Based Learning Clearinghouse

Important Links

Grant ResourcesView resources on required grant documentation, such as SAM.GOV Registration and Activation, Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Authorization, and Procurement Policy.

Child Labor Requirements Presentationinformation on laws and regulations related to pre-apprenticeship programs and vocational training

Future Ready Iowa Last-Dollar Scholarship and Grant Approved Occupations 2019, a list of occupations approved for scholarship and grant funding by the State Workforce Board in December 2018

Future Ready Iowa State High-Demand Occupations

Future Ready Iowa Regional High-Demand Occupations

Three Educational Pathways to Good Jobs, a 2018 report published by the Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce

Future Ready Iowa Ambassador White Paper, all you need to know about this developing grassroots strategy

The Future Ready Act - House File 2458, legislation passed unanimously in April of 2018

Future Ready Iowa Alliance Recommendations, five recommendations that shaped the strategies within the Future Ready Iowa Act

Executive Order 88, which created the Future Ready Iowa Alliance

A Stronger Nation, a Lumina Foundation report which shows where Iowa is today in terms of education after high school

Education and Workforce Trends through 2025, a report from Georgetown University which provides a forecast of Iowa's talent pipeline

Lumina Attainment Challenge Grant, Iowa's application

Metrics That Matter, key statistics shaping Iowa's workforce talent pipeline