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Future Ready Iowa Web Policy

Inclusion Policy: Linking to Outside Organizations and Resources

As a State of Iowa public initiative, Future Ready Iowa cannot link to every private website. We can, however, link to additional resources that are directly relevant and add value for our users within the scope of career navigation and education/training resources. Our linking policy prohibits linking to websites that are discriminatory, biased, or fee-based (that is, sites that exclusively sell or advertise services or products).

The principal purpose of the Future Ready Iowa website is to collect and make available internet resources that will assist with career navigation and education/training planning. Resources found on the Future Ready Iowa website include links to resources to explore careers, to build skills, to pay for school and to find a job. All sites and resources are evaluated primarily by their ability to assist the user in one of the above defined areas.

Link requests to the Future Ready Iowa website will be considered for inclusion and will be judged on the value they may add to the site. Part of their value should include benefits to the career seeker without requiring payment for services or information offered.

If you have a link that you feel meets these criteria, please contact us with your request. Include the name, website URL, description of the website and how the website supports the Future Ready Iowa goal with your submission.