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This page serves as a resource hub for assisting applicants and grantees with required documentation on Future Ready Iowa grants. Please see below for information on SAM.GOV Registration and Activation, Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Authorization, and Procurement Policy.

SAM.GOV Registration and Activation

All grantees are required to have an active unique code (previously the DUNS number).  If you do not have a code, you will be required to register and activate a code before any agreement with IWD will be fully executed.  The information on your registration MUST MATCH the information on your W-9.

The Help Guide and Registering After UEI Guidance can be found at these links:

EFT Authorization Form

IWD recommends that all grantees have Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) set up with the Department of Administrative Services. Please return the completed form to:

Dept Admin Services – State Accounting Enterprise
Attn:  EFT Coordinator
Hoover State Office Building, 3rd FL
Des Moines, IA 50319
Phone:  515-281-0246
Fax:  515-281-5255

Visit this link for the EFT authorization form.


Procurement Policy

All grantees are required to provide a copy of their procurement policy to IWD along with the return of their executed agreement. 

What does a procurement policy do? The purpose of a procurement policy is to ensure that best value – the most advantageous balance of price, quality, and performance – is obtained when purchasing business-related products and services, and to minimize fraud, waste, and abuse in purchasing.

The procurement policy must outline the following purchases:

  • Micro-purchases - purchase of supplies or services under $10,000
  • Small Purchases - purchase of supplies or services over $10,000 but under $250,000
  • Purchases $250,000 and over

Visit this link to download the procurement policy template.

Please note: It is the Grantee’s responsibility to consult with qualified and knowledgeable legal counsel to determine any specific rules or requirement that apply to their individual circumstances.