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Gov. Reynolds names Future Ready Iowa and workforce topics in 2020 priorities

In January 2020, Governor Kim Reynolds announced five key priorities in the 2020 Vision for Iowa. Future Ready Iowa and other workforce-related topics are among these key goals for the new year. The priorities outline how initiatives like Future Ready Iowa will build a highly-skilled workforce filled with lifelong learners.

Governor Reynolds’ 2020 priorities are listed below:


Preparing a Future Ready Iowa   

“Iowa’s greatest opportunity for economic growth is to build a workforce that’s nimble, highly skilled and filled with lifelong learners. Today, we are experiencing a shortage of skilled workers across every region of our state and all types of industries — from manufacturing and skilled trades, to health care and information technology. But through dynamic public-private partnerships, we’ve implemented innovative solutions that start in our schools and continue in the workplace to ensure that opportunity lives here.”

Preparing a Future Ready Iowa Summary


Building Tomorrow’s Economy Today

“Maintaining Iowa’s vibrant economy and fiscal health ensures our ability to invest in things that matter most to everyday Iowans — quality education, job creation, health care and maintaining our quality of life.”

Building Tomorrow's Economy Today Summary


Changing Lives Through Second Chances

“Opportunity must exist for all Iowans, including those seeking a second chance to build a positive, productive life. Reforming Iowa’s criminal justice system and making sure the right opportunities are available for citizens re-entering our communities is a lasting legacy that this generation of Iowans must leave the next.”

Changing Lives Through Second Chances Summary  


Empowering Rural Iowa

“Rural Iowa is the heart and soul of who we are as a state and a people. Our unwavering support of Iowa’s farm families and continued investment in our small towns will ensure opportunity abounds in every rural community.”

Empowering Rural Iowa Summary


Supporting Strong & Healthy Families    

“Iowa is not immune from the health care challenges occurring nationally. Rising costs and a shortage of healthcare providers makes access to services more challenging in some areas of our state, especially rural communities. Health care the way it exists today may not be sustainable in some areas. But with change comes the opportunity to create a more integrated, coordinated system based on the needs of the state and local communities, promoting the health and wellness of every Iowan.” 

Supporting Strong & Healthy Families Summary