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Iowa Support for CDL Training Programs

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Iowa is projected to need more than 10,000 commercial drivers annually between 2020 and 2030. To accommodate that need, the state therefore has launched two grant programs with a goal of removing costly barriers to driver training and, ultimately, to creating more drivers with commercial driver’s licenses across Iowa. 

CDL Infrastructure Grants

A new CDL Infrastructure Grant Program announced by Governor Kim Reynolds will assist Iowa community colleges with building, purchasing, or remodeling CDL training infrastructure.

Funds will be administered as reimbursement for costs related to equipment, construction and remodeling by third-party vendors, or purchasing space for training. Priority will be given to applicants who have the ability to train and certify truck drivers continuously and in higher volumes.

Programs that apply for funding must offer competency-based training courses and/or a training course that would allow someone to complete training and take the licensing exam within a 30-day window. Training must also meet the minimum federal standards required of ELDT drivers to take the CDL skills/knowledge tests.

Awards announced - october 19, 2023

Governor Reynolds announced $4.84 million in grant awards to 10 of Iowa’s community colleges, which will support new equipment and the creation/remodeling of driver training facilities. The grants are expected to create a total estimated increase of 1,305 program participants in the programs' annual class size.

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Entry-Level Driver Training grants

Previously, in March 2023, Governor Kim Reynolds announced $2.94 million in grants to support an expansion of Entry-Level Driver Training at 46 different training programs across the state.

The awardees included employers, nonprofits, and related organizations who sponsored or partnered on key training programs designed to prepare potential drivers for CDL skills or knowledge tests.

Awards announced - March 3, 2023

Summaries and awardee information

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